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SEO Services in Delhi, India

What is SEO?

S.E.O. – Search engine optimization
We know, even the name can sound intimidating. It’s three letters, like the FBI, an outlandish job title, or some unknown disease. And for many of us, the mere mention of an acronym makes our hands sweat. But take a deep breath! We are here to guide you through SEO and support you at all times.

seo services in Delhi

This guide will solve the SEO mystery. Here you will find basic and more complex concepts, professional advice and some great SEO strategies that are easy to implement.
So what is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, it is the set of actions you can take to help your website rank higher in searches on Google and other search engines. These actions include using relevant keywords in your website text, giving your web pages a title and description, and much more. Because it is important? Because appearing higher in search engine results means more people will find your website, learn about your business, buy your products, or use your services.
With over a billion websites online today, competition from Google and other search engines can be tough. If you want people to find your website, investing some time in SEO for your website is a must.

Increase your online visibility with SEO services.
For more than 11+ years, we have proven our experience as one of the best SEO service providers in Delhi (India). We always stay up to date with Google’s ever-changing best practices for keeping track of your marketing campaigns. We work hard to understand your company’s organic research goals. Plus, we constantly review our SEO services to make sure we’re using the most up-to-date SEO practices to help you stay at the top of the search rankings.

From local SEO and technical SEO to link building, PPC and YouTube SEO, the SEO agency of independent SEO professionals in Delhi (India) can manage all aspects of your SEO strategy, overall digital strategy and more.

Are you looking for the best SEO in Delhi (India)? Develop your organic traffic and increase your online visibility with us.

SEO Delhi, India

More than 11 years in the SEO industry
Our team of results-oriented organic search experts in Delhi, India have over 11 years of experience helping our clients gain visibility, leads and clients through search. From creating long-form content to building domain authority, we use carefully selected tools and proven SEO techniques to deliver you high-quality traffic and convert customers.

While other SEO companies in Delhi (India) may profess that search engine optimization is a science, we know that goals change constantly. What works for one client may not necessarily be the right strategy for another.

At SEO Freelancer, we work with you from the start to fully understand what you offer and how we can make SEO work for your website. And we are proud to offer competitive SEO pricing for an agency in Delhi (India). Whether you need on-page SEO, conversion-optimized landing pages, SEO link building, or all of the above, we’ll do whatever it takes to get you ranked.

It is not garbage. No frills. Only full transparency.

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Freelance SEO Services

To achieve the best SEO results, you will need an ongoing and future-proof plan that includes all elements of SEO. Our search engine optimization services include:

SEO On- Page

We evaluate every aspect of your site that you can control, from metadata and content analytics to internal link structure and website code, and found content and optimization opportunities that also provide a rich user experience.

Technical SEO

As an experienced technical SEO agency, we know that laying the technical foundation for a site is the foundation of any SEO strategy. We improve every element of your website to improve your technical SEO, with site speed optimizations, indexing and redirect analysis, internal link structures, and identifying site errors you didn’t even know you had.

SEO e-commerce

Find people ready to buy your products with Ecommerce SEO. We will make sure your products rank high and help you be more profitable through organic search tactics. We work with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and others.

SEO link building

We build your website authority with external and internal links to signal trust in Google’s algorithm, capturing a wider audience with a comprehensive, high-quality link building strategy.

YouTube SEO

YouTube is fast becoming one of the leading search engines in the world – an SEO opportunity not to be missed! We have the tools and experience to make your videos have more engagement and more views on both Google and Youtube by optimizing video length, optimizing metadata, keyword research, engaging reviews and more.

Local SEO

We raise your local profile online with our local SEO content optimization, directory optimizations, Google My Business and local citations to drive more traffic and more visitors to your target area. 46% of Google searches have local intent; We will make sure that none of them are lost.

How can our SEO Freelancer help you?

Our SEO Freelancer in Delhi (India) has a proven track record in dramatically increasing organic search engine rankings, traffic and conversions.

Our digital agency specializes in strategic and technical SEO, bringing our vast experience in expanding content marketing strategies and linking strategy to all types of businesses in Delhi (India) and across India.

We support companies with existing integrated software engineering, content marketing and search engine optimization teams.
We work with startups to incorporate successful online marketing, social media, public relations and conversions into their business strategy.
We operate in competitive SEO industries and work in hard-to-crack areas such as gaming, medicine, finance, travel, retail, and professional services.

Comprehensive SEO research

Dig into the insights into your data
We perform in-depth data analysis to lay the foundation for your SEO strategy.

This insight includes competitor and audience SEO analysis, market assessment, keyword research, and content overview.

seo keyword  research

SEO technical audits

Develop your SEO technical foundations
Search engines respond well to a site that runs smoothly. We analyze the functionality of your website to present an improvement strategy and ensure that all the technical SEO elements of your site are working efficiently. Our technical SEO includes:

SEO Technical Audit: Comprehensive review of your website structure
Site Speed Optimization: Test the loading speed of each page and the site as a whole

SEO reports and analysis

Work with the results of our analysis and your business acumen to develop an effective SEO strategy, whatever your specific needs or limitations.

With the increased use of machine learning in search, ranking factors can differ significantly for each query, so we use a pragmatic optimization approach to deliver tailored strategies that ensure long-term growth in search performance.

Freelance SEO Services in Delhi (India)

At SEO Freelancer, we pride ourselves on our SEO experience. We don’t just tell you what to do and provide you with a list of solutions without explanation. Our SEO consulting service is all about providing the best SEO experience to help you achieve your business goals.

We take a collaborative approach to our work with you to help you understand SEO opportunities and trade-offs, so you can make scalable and successful SEO decisions for your organization.

Let’s start with a full technical audit, so you can understand your current website and see where it is underperforming and find potential opportunities to take advantage of. We will use this as a starting point to create a scalable SEO strategy that details on-page and off-page SEO requirements. You can then do this job yourself or use the SEO Freelancer digital agency to do it for you.

We will provide you with best practice guidelines for any SEO issues you may encounter, such as optimization best practices, technical SEO best practices, and more.

With strategic SEO consultancy you can:

  • Find, understand and reach the right audience
  • Get real insights into your competitors, the market and trends.
  • Make the best marketing investment decisions based on a realistic forecast for your business.
  • Make your brand consistent across all marketing and communication channels
  • Get direct access to SEO experts
  • Get ongoing support and clear communications at all times

Why work with SEO Freelancer?

Unlike many other SEO agencies in Delhi (India), we act as an extension of your brand. This means learning how good ROI looks to you and understanding how the new goals will affect the next stage of your SEO campaign. Our data-driven approaches are based on the needs of your business and are agile without compromise.

Our work is always focused on one goal: conversions. As your SEO practices and your content marketing evolve, we’ll make sure the two line up.

And if something doesn’t work, we’ll tell. We are partners of the brand, not men of the “yes”. SEO Freelancer focuses on getting the most out of your investment, whether it’s a one-time project or ongoing SEO services.